Sportshall Athletics

Sportshall athletics in Athlone Regional Sports Centre

Westmeath Sports Partnership has been facilitating ‘Sportshall Athletics’ at Westmeath schools for a number of years with hundreds of children enjoying the mix of learning the basics of agility, balance, coordination and speed.


George Bunner created Sportshall Athletics in the United Kingdom in 1976 to introduce young people to the joy of athletics.

He recognised that training on dark winter nights was unappealing and often meant that children left athletics clubs over the winter and didn’t return in the summer.

However, he encouraged them to come back with inventions such as the Reversaboard which enabled athletes to strike and turn in the same movement and run in the opposite direction. Soon most athletics events were made possible within a sports hall environment.

What’s involved

Schools can transform a sports hall or gymnasium into an arena of fun-filled athletic activities. The Sportshall Athletics Kit introduces children to the benefits of sport by involving them in exhilarating, confidence-building competitions.

This flexible kit comprises everything you need to host successful and structured Agility Challenge and Sportshall Competitions for children aged 7-16.

Sportshall Athletics includes a range of ‘fun activities’ that help young people to learn the basic running, jumping and throwing skills by using specially designed equipment. A typical session would see a class practice long jump, hurdle jumps, bouncing at speed, relay runs and javelin throwing.

Sportshall Athletics emphasises the importance of team competition, fair play and the fact that taking part and trying your hardest is more important than winning.

If your school is interested in taking part please contact or call us on 044 93 90208.

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