Easy Keep Fit For Menopause and Peri Menopause

Easy Keep Fit

Westmeath Sports Partnership organises tailored Easy Keep Fit exercise programmes targeting issues that arise for women during the menopause and peri menopause transition.

The Easy Keep Fit classes for Peri Menopause and Menopause course will help provide women with knowledge and confidence to stay active and enjoying exercise.

Adult women going through Peri Menopause and Menopause and who may be affected by the following:

  • Weight gain particularly visceral fat
  • Loss of Muscle Mass Loss of Bone Density
  • Increased risk of osteoporosis
  • Increased risk of heart disease
  • Decreased sleep quality
  • Loss of self esteem & confidence

The Easy Keep Fit programme consists of four exercise sessions and two nutrition workshops.

Exercise programmes will incorporate cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength & endurance, core strength and flexibility which have been proven by research to improve many aspects of the above issues.

If you are attending it’s advised to wear comfortable clothes, maybe a pair of runners and a bottle of water.

For details of future courses or more information, please contact info@westmeathsports.ie .