Tri Heroes For Schools

Triathlon Ireland, in partnership with Westmeath Sports Partnership, is bringing Tri Heroes to Westmeath. Tri Heroes gives kids and teenagers the opportunity to complete a triathlon in a fun and learning-rich environment.

The programme is designed to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE & CHALLENGE students of all ages and can be run during school-time or after hours. The training will be delivered by Triathlon Ireland.

Over the course of each Tri Heroes programme, students learn how to bike and run under the instruction of Triathlon Ireland qualified coaches. Tri Heroes teaches the basics of triathlon whilst supporting each schools’ need to deliver the necessary Physical Education progression for all pupils.

At the end of the course (normally five 45-60 minute sessions) each student gets the chance to take part in a mini-triathlon. The programme is tailored for a Duathlon due to limited availability for swimming pools. The sessions include cycling, running and transition skills.

Training is open to teachers in primary schools, special education schools, secondary schools and sports tutors. On completion of the Tri Heroes workshop, attendees will have the necessary skills to implement the programme within their own schools.

Please bring a bike and helmet for training if you have one. Bike wheels need to be clean. If not please let us know prior and we can arrange to have one for you.

The programme provides an opportunity to allow children and young people to engage with running and cycling in a safe and enjoyable environment.

For more information please contact Westmeath Sports Partnership via email