The aim of the Westmeath Sports partnership is to help girls such as the group on this photo get physically active and enjoy sport in some type of setting.

We believe that recreation & sport should be enjoyable, make us feel good, improve our health and wellbeing, increase our skills and introduce us to new people and places.

We also know that people are more likely to sustain their participation in recreation & sport when it is enjoyable, it enhances physical health and mental wellbeing, and improves social interaction and inclusion.

Over the past 21 years, the network of Local Sport Partnerships (LSPs) has flourished on a journey that has seen the network grow from a pilot initiative in 8 counties, to a full network of 29 LSPs, one in every county.

The aim of the LSPs is to enable the ongoing development of quality sport and physical activity opportunities throughout the country, in an environment that promotes healthy lifestyles, maximum participation and is inclusive and welcoming for all.

Across every county in Ireland, the LSPs aim to facilitate sport and physical activity at a local level through working with clubs, coaches and volunteers. It is at the county and city level that there is the greatest potential to bring local organisations together to promote and develop local sport.

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