Women in Sport Week: Jessica Hennessy

Jessica Hennessy

Women in Sport Week takes place between March 4th and 10th.

Each day this week has a specific theme and we’re delighted to be featuring some women in sport from across Co. Westmeath each day this week.

  • Monday 4th – High Performance
  • Tuesday 5th – Visibility
  • Wednesday 6th – Leadership and Governance
  • Thursday 7th – Coaching and Officiating
  • Friday 8th – International Women’s Day 2024
  • Saturday 9th – parkrun Women in Sport
  • Sunday 10th – Active Participation

Today we are featuring Jessica Hennessy from Shamrock Rovers.


Jessica Hennessy.

Club or group:

Shamrock Rovers.

What is your sport or activity?


What is your first memory of sport?

Going to all the Westmeath games with my dad Seamus.

What age did you first play sport with a club/group or team?

First started playing camogie for Oliver Plunketts at seven-years-old; played Gaelic for Loughnavalley at 10-years-old and played soccer for Mullingar Athletic at 13-years-old.

Who was your sporting hero/idol growing up and why?

Dessie Dolan because he played for Westmeath, he was a forward and I thought he was the best player in the world!!

What do you enjoy most about being involved in sport / physical activity?

Being able to keep fit, active and the competitive side of it! If anyone knows me, they know how competitive I am!

Who was the biggest influence on your sporting career?

My dad. He encouraged me to start playing, has always brought me to every training session and is my main supporter. I don’t think he has missed a game to this day!

What is the hardest thing about being involved in sport as a female?

The inequality between men and women in sport. Females work as hard as men but don’t get the recognition they deserve.

What is the best thing about being involved in sport as a female?

Being a role model for young girls who wish to play sport at a high level and showing them there’s a pathway to do so.

How do you think more women can be encouraged to participate and remain in sport and physical activity?

Having role models and seeing it’s possible to achieve your goals.

One piece of advice for girls who have either fallen out of a sport/activity and would like to return or have never been involved in a sport/activity, but would like to try out something?

Don’t be afraid to try new things, even if it’s out of your comfort zone. The benefits of team sports and socialising improves your mental and physical health.

Who is the sports person you would love to meet?

Roy Keane and Katie Taylor.