Women in Sport Week: Cassandra Mooney

Women in Sport Week takes place between March 4th and 10th.

Each day this week has a specific theme and we’re delighted to be featuring some women in sport from across Co. Westmeath each day this week.

  • Monday 4th – High Performance
  • Tuesday 5th – Visibility
  • Wednesday 6th – Leadership and Governance
  • Thursday 7th – Coaching and Officiating
  • Friday 8th – International Women’s Day 2024
  • Saturday 9th – parkrun Women in Sport
  • Sunday 10th – Active Participation

Today we are featuring Cassandra Mooney from Multyfarnham Pickleball Club.


Cassandra Mooney.

Club or group:

Multyfarnham Pickleball Club.

What is your sport or activity?


What is your first memory of sport?

I tried many sports as a child but my best memory is being take to the equestrian center for my first horse riding lesson, getting to meet all the horses and seeing the older riders jumping in the big arena. I also remember playing a lot of GAA as a child and loving getting out on the pitch with my friends.

What age did you first play sport with a club/group or team?

I played GAA in Multyfarnham from the time I started primary school.

Who was your sporting hero/idol growing up and why?

Shaun Johnson.

What do you enjoy most about being involved in sport / physical activity?

For me one of best things about being involved in sport is all the friends I’ve made and places I get to travel to. I love getting to meet so many others who just like me only found there sport as a grown up.

Who was the biggest influence on your sporting career?

My mum, as she was one of the people who first introduced pickleball in Ireland and without her I may never have found the sport!

What is the hardest thing about being involved in sport as a female?

As a female in pickleball I am very lucky as we do not face many challenges as the sport is still growing and we are a big part of it. However sometimes it can be hard to encourage new female players to join the sport or to move to a more competitive level within the sport.

What is the best thing about being involved in sport as a female?

It helps keep me active and allows me to do something I love while also having fun. Its also let me make lots of new friends both at home and abroad.

How do you think more women can be encouraged to participate and remain in sport and physical activity?

I think by showing that women are involved in a sport already can help encourage others to join. Its important to show that not everyone playing is the best on the team that there is a mix of ages and abilities. Also to encourage those who maybe have not tried something before to give it a go.

One piece of advice for girls who have either fallen out of a sport/activity and would like to return or have never been involved in a sport/activity, but would like to try out something?

Having been one of the girls that gave up all my sports in my teenage year and only returning in my mid-20s, I would say that if it’s in your mind to try something go for it. We spend lots of time worrying about what it will be like to start something new or if we will be able to do it. But its always worth a try. Be fair to yourself, you don’t have to be the best from day one. Go in with the aim to enjoy what your doing and if you don’t like it, it’s ok to try something else. There is something for everyone. Walking in the first day is the hardest part!

Who is the sports person you would love to meet?

Aryna Sabalenka.