Inclusive G.A.A Programme

2011 saw the inclusion of our national games ‘Gaelic Football and Hurling’ to the SIDO Programme.

 Programmes delivered were implemented in partnership with the GAA Games Promotion Officers in Mullingar and Athlone.  The programme was delivered to the National Learning Network in Athlone (adult programme) and St. Brigids Special Education School Mullingar (children’s programme).

 The programme incorporated fundamentals training, speed, agility and quickness and drills for both gaelic football and hurling. This programme provided an opportunity for service users to train in their local GAA Club and meet and train with the club players.

 The programme was delivered over an eight week period with one hour coaching implemented each week.

Due to the success of this programme, the programme will be offered to more disability organisations to avail of and will continue to be delivered in partnership with the GAA Games Promotion Officers.