Volunteer Support Programme 2024 Applications Now Open

Westmeath Sports Partnership is delighted to confirm that it is now accepting applications for its Volunteer Support Programme 2024.

The Programme offers up to €1,000 to twenty sports clubs, community organisations or groups the chance to upskill, educate or retrain its volunteers across a wide variety of disciplines.

You can find a full list of the successful applicants to the 2023 VSP here.

The main aim of the Programme is to enhance opportunities for groups and organisations to facilitate skills enhancement among volunteers and coaches and therefore provide further physical activity or sporting opportunities to people in their localities.

Within Westmeath, sports clubs, community groups or organisations who meet specific criteria ( outlined below) are invited to submit proposals outlining their intended courses of training and education, as well as describing the anticipated benefits accruable to both the club and its volunteers cadre, as part of a competitive funding allocation process.

Priority consideration will be given to applicants operating within disadvantaged areas, like Mullingar and Athlone Rapid Areas, and those working with people with disabilities.


Eligible applicants must:

  • Be registered to an NGB & based in Westmeath.
  • Operate as a “not for profit”.
  • Demonstrate why the additional training and education is required
  • Demonstrate how additional training and education would lead to continued participation in sport and physical activity.

Ineligible applications include

  • Applications from individuals
  • National/Regional/County Governing Bodies/ Statutory agencies
  • For profit groups/commercial organisations
  • Private facility owners
  • Clubs based outside of County Westmeath
  • Clubs not affiliated with a National Governing Body
  • Applications from community organisations/ schools not linked with a club


Eligible Courses:

  • Sports specific Coach Education (e.g. Athletics, Basketball, Gaelic, Soccer).
  • Committee and / or Volunteer education, Administration & management courses.
  • Child Protection; First Aid.
  • Accredited courses by Sport Ireland Coaching or a National Governing Body of Sport.

Ineligible Courses:

  • Courses outside Ireland.
  • Sport related courses delivered by bodies not recognized under the National Coaching Development Programme or by the National Governing Bodies of Sport.
  • Generic sports courses delivered by a non-recognized agency.
  • Day to day running costs (e.g insurance, transport).
  • Courses not directly related to applicant club/ organization e.g. team building.

Some Sample courses:

Club Administration / Social Media / Accounts/ Committee skills etc – Accredited provider / 3rd Level College.

Note: The costs of course and workshop delivery should be confirmed with each provider.

Responsibility for course and workshop delivery lies with each applicant.


Priority will be given to applications based in RAPID Areas.

Applications with emphasis on participation of WSP target groups will be favoured : Older Adults; Women; Teenage Girls; Disadvantaged Communities; People with Disabilities.

Sustainability and numbers participating.

Ability to generate own funds to support course delivery.

Please note: There is no guarantee of funding of proposals which achieve the minimum eligibility criteria. The fund is limited, and eligible applications will be evaluated on a competitive basis against the criteria being applied. The decision of the grant subcommittee is final.

Terms and Conditions

Successful applicants will be required to submit an expenditure report with supporting receipts within 10 months of receiving their grant. Failure to submit this report in a timely manner will omit the applicant from future funding opportunities.

Clubs/Groups with juvenile members must operate under the basis of best practice for children in sport : a member of the club must have previously attended a Child Welfare & Protection Awareness course (new clubs must commit to attending training where appropriate)

Groups must be affiliated to Westmeath Public Participation Network (WPPN).

A Tax Number or Charity Number is required for all grants.

If successful, it is a requirement of all grant funding that Westmeath Sports Partnership is acknowledged as a source of funding in any publications, leaflets, signage, online etc.

 Applications will not be accepted after the closing date.

Due consideration will be given to ensuring an equitable allocation of funds throughout the county

All questions from the application form are listed below.

1.       Name of Sport Club, Community Group or Organization applying

2.       Applicant address

3.       Contact person

4.       Mobile number

5.       E-mail

6.       Do you work with communities in a disadvantaged area ( Mullingar or Athlone RAPID Areas )

7.       Do you work with people with a disability

8.       Details of proposed courses/workshops

9.       Please proved a full breakdown of costs for the proposed courses/workshops

10.   How much of your own Clubs/Groups/Orgs funds are you contributing towards this training

11.   Describe how these courses/workshops will increase the number of people of all ages playing a leadership role in developing sports and physical activity in your community

12.   How many people will receive this training

13.   When do you propose to commence this training

14.   Declaration

Apply Now

You can apply now by filling in this form:

For more information please contact Westmeath Sports Partnership on 044-9390208 or email  info@westmeathsports.ie