Westmeath Sports Partnership : Annual Report 2020

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Westmeath Sports Partnership entered 2020 with a full complement of staff following
recruitment to fill the vacant Sports Coordinator role, and the newly funded Community
Sports Development Officer, so were looking forward to a year of growth.

However, along with everyone else in the world, the Coronavirus put a serious spanner
in the works and plans for 2020 had to be re-assessed, amended or put on hold.
The team were faced with a number of challenges that previously would have been

Despite the unique and unexpected circumstances, the team continued to work
extremely hard and displayed outstanding creativity, versatility and perseverance
to ensure that the people of County Westmeath were still able to access a range of
physical activity opportunities.

New online and virtual opportunities were developed, and a range of resources were
put together to help ensure people were able to remain active when lockdown was at
its most restrictive.

When restrictions allowed, the team were still able to develop and deliver programmes
face to face in a range of settings including schools, clubs, and outdoor facilities.

2020 saw the establishment of the Westmeath Recreation and Sport Forum, the
new advisory body that replaces the previous Board of the former Limited Company
prior to the Sports Partnerships integration into Westmeath County Council.

The first meeting was held in December 2020 and the group will be a key part in the direction,
monitoring and oversight of Westmeath Sports Partnership.

Full report here WSP Annual Report 2020