How healthy are you? Give yourself our eight-step check-up – article from Tuesdays Irish Independent

“There are a number of ­fundamental criteria which can help us assess our overall ‘wellness”GP Mark Murphy, a lecturer in general practise with the Royal College of Surgeons and chairman of communications with the Irish College of General Practitioners.

1 Physical activity
’“If exercise was a drug, it would be the most effective drug ever created,” says Dr Murphy, who adds that for anyone who is reasonably fit and healthy, they should take a daily ‘dose’ of 30 to 60 minutes’ exercise.

2 Eat a healthy diet
This should include lots of fruit and vegetables, not too many fats, sugar, salt or alcohol

3 Maintain a healthy weight
“If your BMI is over 30, you are obese — and many Irish adults and children are obese,”

4 Don’t Smoke
“If you smoke, try to give it up”

5 Manage your alcohol intake
“The recommended amount of alcohol consumption for women is 14 units a week.”

6 Manage Your Stress levels
“Stress can disrupt your quality of life and increase the likelihood of physical illness in the future, for example cardiovascular disease,”

7 Undergo routine cancer screening tests
“There are some screening techniques for cancer which are recommended by the health service,”

8 Get a check-up with your GP at 40
“From about the age of 40, know your blood pressure, and from about 45 to 50, know your cholesterol levels. Avail of the three national screening programmes.”

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