Eirgrid Community Support Fund

EirGrid Community Support Fund has been established for the benefit of communities in proximity to the new transmission lines and rural transmission stations between Irishtown Mullingar and Killaskillen, Co Meath.

What is the Community Fund?

EirGrid operates thousands of kilometres of power lines across the island of Ireland. These power lines need many pylons and transmission stations. When EirGrid plans routes for new lines, we consider many factors. These include the need to protect the interests of individuals, households, businesses and communities. We aim to create as little disturbance as possible, but it’s hard to avoid private, business or community property. In 2012, the Government issued a policy statement on this issue. It recommended that EirGrid should provide a direct benefi t to surrounding communities
when we build new lines. In response, we now create a dedicated fund for each grid improvement project. These funds make payments to communities who are closest to new transmission infrastructure.

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Eirgrid Community Support Fund Application Revised

7235 EirGrid Mullingar Community Fund Brochure (ISSUU)