Peil Abu recommencing in St Loman’s on Feb 6th

Peil Abu is recommencing in St. Lomans on February 6th from 6.30-7.30pm.

Peil abu is a recreational football game designed by the GAA, aimed at both males & females that don’t play competitively, or indeed who have never played GAA at all at any level.

Peil Abú is effectively tag-Gaelic football where physical contact is not allowed. Participants must be aged 16 or older and need to be in possession of a tracksuit and runners! All tags, bibs and additional equipment will be provided on location.

The rules are quite simple. It’s basically Gaelic football but once players are tagged, they must turn over possession. Scores, solo-running, hand passing and the pick-up can be altered to better suit the needs of the players. It’s also a fantastic way of working up a sweat!

If you have any questions please contact James Heffernan on 085 7139175